World Vegetarian Day: The danger of rupture is increased for vegetarian girls..!

Usually, after the age of 40, girls must face many well being issues. Particularly bone energy decreases. Weakening of bones and lack of bone density impacts our physique in some ways. Not too long ago, a examine achieved on this matter revealed surprising info. In line with a examine printed within the journal BMC, girls who eat solely a vegetarian food plan have the next threat of hip fracture. Meaning vegetarian girls have the next threat of hip bone fracture. These items have been revealed after the analysis of UK’s College of Leeds. On this analysis, girls aged 35 to 69 years have been examined.

Right now (October 1) is World Vegetarian Day. On this event, if you wish to know what precautions vegetarian girls ought to take to scale back the danger of hip bone fracture.. learn this story.
A complete of 26,000 girls participated within the College of Leeds analysis. These girls have been studied for about twelve years. The researchers concluded that girls who ate a vegetarian food plan have been one-third extra more likely to have a hip bone fracture than girls who ate eggs and different meats.
On these matters..

On this analysis, some questions have been requested from the ladies on numerous matters. Based mostly on this, researchers have come to completely different conclusions. Main matters researched-

  • Girls’s age
  • Alcohol dependancy
  • Smoking behavior
  • Train is a behavior
  • Menopause
  • Financial and social standing of ladies

What do the researchers say?


James Webster, a researcher concerned within the examine, stated vegetarians had a decrease BMI on common. Webster can also be lead writer for the Diet Epidemiology Group. If an individual’s BMI is low/excessive..bones and muscle tissue are affected. This impact additionally impacts the hip bone. They’re extra liable to fracture.
Resulting from this error..
Girls who’re poor in protein, vitamin B12, omega three fatty acids, phosphorus and zinc are at elevated threat of hip bone fracture. You may compensate for these deficiencies with a vegetarian food plan. Dairy merchandise are additionally wealthy in these vitamins. This analysis revealed that protein and vitamin B12 are very low within the food plan of vegetarian girls.
Take these precautions..

  • In line with Webster, vegetarians don’t want to start out consuming non-veg to keep away from the danger of hip bone fracture.
  • Vegetarians ought to make it possible for no matter they eat, it incorporates the required vitamins.
  • Alcohol and smoking have an effect on bone energy. Keep away from these habits.
  • Weight administration is essential for strengthening bones.
  • Particularly menopausal girls ought to pay particular consideration to diet of their food plan.
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